About Mt Grove Counseling in the Pleasant Grove, Utah Area

Our Mission is to use our

  • Time
  • Talents

  • Effort
  • Focus

  • Knowledge
  • Skills

  • Experience
  • Abilities 

to help our brothers and sisters resolve intra- and inter-personal problems to enable them to live joyfully and return to their Heavenly Father happily.

Our Belief is that individuals have divine origins and destinies. We believe God gave us all freedom to choose our life course. We believe He expects us to help each other in our progress toward growth and mastery of ourselves and our environment. We believe that through the difficult work of self-change and reliance on God we can succeed.
Mental health counseling in utah

Our Vision is to provide counseling services to those in need to:

  • Resolve individual safety and emotional problems.
  • Handle thinking mistakes that lead to distress and relationship problems.
  • Strengthen family relationships.
  • Develop skills to effectively manage addictions, habits, attitudes, and assumptions that contribute to unhappiness.
  • Dissolve barriers to healthy and happy living. 

In an ever-changing world, we honor differing faith and faith practices, perspectives, opinions, theories of life, and philosophies. We transparently share ours with you, and encourage you to share yours with us. 

We care for and respect our clients' race, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, culture, philosophies, and any other differences you may bring into our counseling relationshipWe share our foundational mission and philosophy openly and strive to provide excellent quality services within our means to do so. As with any counseling relationship, this work is personal, and we honor and value your personal experience.  Please feel free to contact us or call (801) 404-0064 and set up a free consultation to see if we are a good fit for your needs.

Our Counselors

Chris Cline

In this video, Chris introduces himself and helps you get to know him a bit. Chris has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for 33 years and has experience working with people from many different backgrounds. He speaks Spanish fluently and is genuinely concerned about helping people overcome the challenges they face. We are so happy to have him as part of our team.

Kathy Bruner

In this video, Kathy introduces herself and talks a little bit about the work she does at Mt. Grove Counseling.

We accept the following insurance plans:

 Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield • Optum • United Healthcare • SelectHealth • EMI • Cigna• Magellan • Deseret Mutual • Motiv Health
We can help you bill Out-of-Network for most plans. 

We accept cash, check, credit cards, and HSA cards

One of our clients was kind enough to share their thoughts about working with Mt Grove Counseling

"I have learned a lot. I am very grateful. I’ve learned to regulate my emotions so I am not so frustrated and stressed out. I’ve learned that I deserve and I need to be respected more than I am right now. This is what I need out of my own life. There are days when every day stressors are going to get to you, and you’ve got to learn to deal with those."


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