Youth Counseling | Pleasant Grove, UT
Youth Counseling | Pleasant Grove, UT

Youth Therapists Give Counseling for Teenagers' Mental Health in Pleasant Grove, UT

Mt Grove Counseling in Pleasant Grove, Utah understands that adults are not the only ones who need emotional resources and support. Children and teenagers are just as full of emotions, and often have fewer communication and coping skills to handle those emotions. And if trauma is introduced at this point, having a therapist specializing in childhood trauma can give someone a necessary lifeline.
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) for Teenage Depression and More | Utah
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) for Teenage Depression and More | Utah

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) for Teenage Depression and More

As discussed on our Services Page, Mt Grove Counseling uses a number of different types of counseling (therapy modalities). One of the methods we find helpful with our younger clients is Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). 

We hope that younger clients haven't had the years or the circumstances to go through the kinds of trauma and develop the unhealthy emotional habits that our older clients do. However, when they do need help, maturing brains don't do as well with long-term consequences, so the emotional equation becomes more direct:
    Specific Actions + Smaller Pieces/Less Time = Successful Coping Mechanism
    Solution-Focused + Brief Time Period = Successful Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

This is what solutions-focused therapy intervention can help clients--young and old--to do more effectively.
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In addition to counseling services for teens, including EMDR therapy for childhood trauma, anger issues therapy, abuse counseling, and more, SFBT is also helpful with:
  • Coping strategies for stress and anxiety, in counseling for adults and teens.
  • Addiction recovery counseling, as part of relapse prevention planning. (Can be used for counseling for substance abuse or other addictions)
  • Impulse-driven behaviors, taught in addition to Thinking Errors classes.
  • Providing parents an additional resource to interact with their teen and adult children in healthy ways. Often, when teens need therapy, parents can also use counseling resources themselves in order to learn how to support their children. When both parties have healthier coping mechanisms, bonds between kids and their parents can grow stronger.
Teens and children need adults in their lives who care and can help find solutions to problems. Sometimes the best demonstration of solution-focused behavioral therapy can be to show a teen how to find a therapist that meets his or her needs, and discuss openly how different types of therapy might help.
When you're ready to help your teen find a counselor, call (801) 404-0064 or contact us to arrange an assessment for the best fit. If you think you could also benefit from individual therapy, please see our Services Page or contact the Mt Grove Counseling office for an appointment.


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